Sunday, November 29, 2015

How many miles do I typically spin during a normal session?

I've been asked this question in same manner many times over the years.  The short answer, "0" I'm still in the exact same place that I started.  I do often get of the bike and teach during class, during which time I'm walking around the room, I'd say on a good day I'd call that 1/4 mile.

Okay, enough with the stupid answers, I know what you're really meaning.  I generally say 10-18 miles, and that's based off of what pace I normally ride when I'm on my real bike on the road.

Having said that I had a friend that was doing her first "triathlon".  I put that in quotes because it was one of those indoor events that gym's sometime sponsor to get their members motivated.  The triathlon consisted of 30 minutes in the pool, 30 minutes on a stationary bike and 30 minutes on the track running.  When she finished she proudly told me what she placed, and they told me she put on 20 miles.

Whoa, girl!  Did they ask you to sign up for the Tour de France.  You're peddling at 40mph.  (Reality check).

If you have a bike that reports distance, great! You're looking for repeatability not a real-world measurement.  If you get off that stationary bike after an hour, and think that you've done something north of 20 miles you need to question the validity of the measurement.  I occasionally train with nationally ranked duathlete friend of mine.  Our typical route from his house is mostly flat.  I'll set the pace, but at the half way point we'll switch so he can push me.  Maybe pull me, is a better way to say it.  He'll bump the pace to 22-25mph.  Going that pace, I'm good for maybe 60 minutes before I'm hating life and my buddy.

What's a better measure is power, and that is only as good as the bike your on as well.  If you're fortunate enough to be in a studio that has watt meters, and you can get the same bike each time (Spinners at my club are real territorial about their bikes) look and see what your total watts is.  During a Strength ride it will most likely be higher than during an Interval ride, while your mileage will be reversed, Interval > Strength.  Unless your on a really high end bike like the Spinner Blade Ion, I wouldn't read too much into the actual wattage number, it's relative to the bike.  But what you can do is check that versus your next ride and the one after that, etc... to see if you're loading properly, and not cheating.

If you're not in a club with that type of technology on the bike, no worries.  Get yourself a heart rate monitor and then you can ride any bike and measure if your physical exertion is on par with your normal workouts, or not.

"If you measure it, it gets done."  So whether you're measuring calories with a heart rate monitor or watts on a bike, or even virtual miles, what's important is that you're doing it, and working towards some goal.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Race to Death (Spinning Profile and Playlist)

I wish so much that you could join me for this Friday evenings Spinning® class.  My regulars know that my last class of the month, is always a Race Day Energy Zone ride.  It's the only time I coach this format; it's kind of the icing on the cake for the month.

This month is great because it falls on Oct 30th, which is close enough to Halloween to count, AND all the local neighborhoods are having beggers night on Thursday the 29th so it doesn't interfere with anyone participating.

This year I'm taking my signature look, which includes a cycling jersey that is a skeleton and I'm adding to it.  I have skeleton gloves and I'm going to try face painting.

Using Class Builder for my class as always, I've integrated a bunch of "monsters" to pop up on my screen during class.  Here are three of the scariest images.

I haven't finished my profile yet, that will be tomorrow, but here's the playlist in advance in case you want to steal any music ideas.  Come back tomorrow evening and you can get the entire profile.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Strength Energy Zone (Spinning Profile & Playlist)

I know that it's been quite sometime since my last post, 6 months, in fact.  I haven't lost my "Spinning® religion", but the responsibilities of my new career has given me little opportunity to blog.  An unfortunate accident involving a golf card, yard marker sign, and some spirits at a charity benefit also took it's toll on me; forcing me to take 6 weeks off while I nursed 3 broken ribs.

Those 6 weeks, not withstanding, I have been faithfully to the gym several times a week coaching classes.  I would be lying if I didn't admit that the facility and attendance have been frustrating.  I can't quite figure out why attendance is so low even by summer standards, but I still tend to run the largest classes of the week so I'll assume it's not a Freak issue.

Going forward for the foreseeable future I'll still be posting my profiles and playlists, but you won't be able to download them directly into Classbuilder™.  It seems that Apple has closed some memory access within iOS which no longer allows i-Funbox to move these files around.  Classbuilder™ also seems to have abandoned the idea that would allow me to simply "sell" the profiles, although you can buy theirs.  I still love the app, it's just not as flexible as it once was for sharing my profiles.

On to the profile...
I've been putting a lot more emphasis on the Strength Energy Zone.  I enjoy teaching in this zone since my population tend to not have a heart rate monitor, and I can use if you lost your breath as a cue if you're still in the right zone.  I've taken to adding a wicked little twist to the end of some of my SEZ rides, by throwing in a Tabata.  I know this transitions you into an IEZ ride, but it's adds that extra little something to the profile, like putting a cherry on top of your sundae.  Enjoy my hills!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

I want you to know how to dance, fight and go all the way! (Spinning Profile & Playlist)

"The report of my death was an exaggeration."~Mark Twain, 1897

Yes it's been way too long since my last post, but I haven't stopped Spinning®.  Life has just taken me on a detour for a bit with my new job.  I've continued to coach weekly and I've created a few new playlists but the time requirements have been such that I haven't been able to play around with my blogger hobby.  I think I'll be a little more available going forward as it is a hobby which helps me cope with stress and I surely need it.

Last week I did upgrade my iPad to the latest OS and many thanks to Apple, "You screwed me again!"  This post will have my playlist but if you're one of the folks that download my profile to import it into your ClassBuilder app, I'm afraid we're out of luck.  With the latest build of the OS, Apple has closed the door that allowed
i-Funbox to transfer these files.

Several new songs in this ride, and I have to say I had a lot of fun leading this ride and so did my participants as they told me after class on Friday. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Keep It Movin' (Spinning­­® Profile & Playlists)

You're either Moving or your Not.  We all get in those funks where you don't want to do
anything, you've lost your motivation, you've become bored, whatever.  What's worse is then you justify yourself, 'You deserve a break', 'You'll work twice as hard tomorrow', 'Yesterday's workout was enough'.  Again I say, Whatever.
You never regret the workout you did.