Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best of the Best

Let's face it, music can either make it or break your class.  Sure we can make a killer profile, or even pull together an entire training program, but if your participants can't stand the music, you'll be all alone in the Spinning studio.

I recently participated in an a continuing education class, and the master instructor commented how he hated music with lyrics.  He felt that he was forced to compete to talk over the lyrics.  I on the other hand, am obnoxious and have no problem talking right over them.  And I find the clients respond better if they're familiar with the song.  If you follow my music selections you'll notice that I don't tie myself to a particular genre (although I do go thru spells).  The best part about this is that I usually have something for everyone in my class, and they keep coming back.

So for the last two profiles of 2011, I decided to pull together my favorites from this years rides.  The only problem in doing so is that I might push myself so hard that even my heart will explode; obviously not a good thing.  Ride hard and do it safely because this session I bring to you two sets of Sprints.  Listen to your body and if you're coaching this ride to a class, pay attention to them as well; that's your job as the coach.  Push them, but not beyond their limits.

Download this profile...Interval 018
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Final Word?
Remember that as a Fitness Professional that you should save all your business related expenses as you potentially can use these for a tax advantage when filing your income tax.  This could include equipment, software (like the app above), or even music if it's used for the intended purpose of instructing.  Check with your tax professional before doing so, but it's something you may want to consider.  I generally take advantage of this at the end of each to make my year end purchases of new clothing from as well as an dues or continuing education.

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