Monday, December 12, 2011

But I'm not selling deodorant.

Dry Idea used to use the slogan, to "Never let them see you sweat.", and while totally a good idea when in a high stress presentation or a meeting with your boss, that's not what Spinning is all about.

Here's a gross fact:  I will typically lose 3lbs in sweat during a typical interval ride, so grab a big bottle of water and let's get ready to sweat.

Today's ride has two major strength elements in it, an 8 minute mountain and then a 9 minute mountain.  The 8 minute mountain has a bunch of increases so visualize that as being VERY steep, while the 9 minute mountain is slightly less steep, but seems to go on forever.  Gear yourself up for these mentally so you don't undersell your abilities. 

A quick look at the heart rate chart will show you that we're going to be finishing high, and that's with 2 awesome 30second sprints.  Remember that sprints are NOT about speed, they're about power.  If you're going faster than 80rpm then you're not doing them right.  These should bog you right down and make you beg for time to speed up because 30 seconds might as well be eternity.

Download this ride....Interval 016

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