Monday, December 19, 2011


Look closely and you'll see some buildings at the top of this mountain, known as Butterfly Mountain, with the top of this being called Adam's Peak.

What would possess anyone to build something at this altitude?  Imagine the effort to climb that high with construction materials and then start building something (or in my case realize you left your hammer at the bottom.  Again.)

Today's ride should be an interval in it's truest form where you take your heart rate high, and then try to quickly recover.  I'm running something I'm calling a Resistance Ladder during
(pun not intended).  During this song you'll increase and decrease resistance several times, while trying to maintain a constant cadence.  Obviously while resistance is up, your heart rate will increase to compensate for pushing harder.

There are a couple of songs with only 1 cue, remember this is your ride so if you need to get out of the saddle or to stop jumping, feel free to substitute something.

We're finishing strong with 2 big Sprints.  Be sure to add resistance heavy, and remember if you're going faster than 80RPM during the sprint, you didn't add enough.

Have a great ride!
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