Thursday, December 15, 2011


Timing is everything, it applies to coming in out of the rain before lightening strikes, and this time it applies to my guest contributor, Michelle Panik.  Due to family commitments I didn't end up coaching Spinning on Monday, so I'm intending on using my last posts ride on Thursday...BUT I always like to post 2 new profiles a week, and Michelle bailed me out with this one.

Michelle is one of the owners of PureFit & Wellness Club in Cheboygen, MI.  If you've been on Spinning Freak for awhile you may have seen some of her comments.   She too, has been test driving the Cycling Fusion Class Builder app, and I asked her to contribute a class profile, which I'm happy to share with you all here.

This is an Interval ride finishing with Sprints on a Hill during "Masters of the Universe".  A couple of things to note, and the reason I wanted someone else to test out the app with me is the shorthand; what shorthand can a Spinner use effectively since we can't use spinning icon's on this app.  I have been using the PLUS + sign for showing increases, whereas this app shows ARROWS --> .  I like this adaptation because it reduces confusion between using s MINUS - for decreasing and a HYPHEN - which I've also been including to separate cues.

Have fun with this one!

Download this profile...INTERVAL RIDE
If this fails to download check your pop-up blocker.

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  1. Interesting to read another profile using this app, I agree. I've spent some time making the more in depth profiles on the app, but my last one (I've only done 4 on there so far) was ALL shorthand (did it at the gym while on the elliptical, short on time this week.) I do a lot of "add res" or "dec cad" type cues.