Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sunglasses at Night

As part of tonight's ride I have a version of Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night, so when I saw this photograph I just had to name this ride after that.  I was looking for an image of a couple of hills that got progressively bigger and BAM, this one popped up.  

If you've tried to take night landscape photos you can appreciate the difficulty in getting the mountain to show up at night using an excessively long exposure time.  

About the ride, we're squarely in the Strength Zone (SEZ) tonight staying mostly between 80%-85%.  It's very important to have your heart rate monitor because with the moves that are used during this session it would be very easy to transition over the threshold and turn this into an Interval session.  Remember that regardless of what the cue may say, you have to listen to how you're body is reacting.  If you start to exceed the 85%, back down the intensity.  My preferred method is to lower resistance and maintain cadence; if you're doing jumps at the time simply slow down the up & down motion, not the cadence.

Strength 010
Download the cue movements.
If this fails to download it may be your pop-up blocker.

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  1. I used this playlist last night for a class, with just a few alterations, and the class loved it. I got more compliments than ever on the music and the ride. I think maybe it's the combination of newer and older songs and the pop mixed with rock? It is more rock that I usually use (but I like) and was so surprised they liked it too! (It was just a challenge trying to keep myself from riding so hard that I couldnt talk or teach!) Thanks, great ride!

  2. Good! I'm glad you and your class enjoyed it. I'd love to know what alterations you did, I'm always looking for new songs or seeing how the music maybe "feels" like a different position/movement. Please feel free to drop any ideas on here as a comment.