Sunday, December 4, 2011


I think it's fitting that this ride be an Interval (IEZ) ride and that I call the ride Transitions because I'm continuing to grow and change how I handle things on my Spinning Freak Fan Page.

First the ride profile
Just like any other IEZ ride, the intent is to cycle your heart rate up and down between 65% -92% of your Max Heart Rate (MHR).  We do this by pushing with exercises like steep climbs and jumps and then short recovery periods either in the saddle or more of an active recovery in a standing flat.  As always cadence is key and the heart rate tells you that you've got enough resistance on the fly wheel to achieve the desired effect.  If you don't have a heart rate monitor, and your instructor, go out and get one.  No excuses, just get one.  However, if your just a participant, listen to your body and how you feel.  The point where you start panting and can't really catch your breath is your aerobic threshold.  Knowing how this feels is important and it generally puts you around 84% of your MHR, so work from that known level.

You can download the profile here along with all my cue points
Interval 015

Download directly from iTunes

Now about Spinning Freak Fan Page 
I'm always looking for ways to do things better, faster, easier, etc...  And in the case of Spinning Freak, reaching a bigger audience and making a bigger impact.  So with this entry, this is my first off Facebook Blog entry.  You'll still get all the same information if you're on my Fan Page in the same way, the Blog simply lets me reach the non-Facebook crowd (at and gives me a more advanced editor than what Facebook permits.  And the best part is, I still only have to make the entry in one place and it automatically feeds into Facebook.  So to my Facebook friends, stay with me and keep commenting.  I'm hoping for some better things in the very near future.

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