Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twisted Christmas?

Theme rides are always difficult in a big gym because every other instructor has chosen the common songs.  Halloween for example means that everyone has literally heard, "Thriller" so many times that they start to think they've fallen through a crack in time and arrived in the 80's. 

Christmas is no exception, although it's even harder because there are so few rockin' songs that would get you motivated to actually apply some resistance to that bike and push hard.  So true to my form, I've gone out of my way to come up with music that no one else has even thought about playing for their Christmas ride (one exception might be "Run Run Rudolph")

I have combined several steps in the instructions to simplify the profile.  Still you'll make multiple adjustments, but only one instruction for maybe 3 or 4 adjustments based on time.  This shortens the profile but requires the instructor to pay a little closer attention.

Merry Christmas!

Download this Christmas Interval ride

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