Monday, January 9, 2012


The new year often brings promise of things you're going to do better than in the past, or new goals to strive for.

At my gym it also brings in a huge influx of new potential participants all with the admirable goal of getting into shape.  I both love and hate this time of year because it generally means I'll be struggling to get everyone properly setup on the bike for the first time and get my class started at the proper time, but I love full classes and the opportunity to help people establish some life changing habits.

So we're all going to have new people in class, but we'll still have most of our regulars (if they managed to get a bike).  The trick is to get them to repeat your class several times without dread and fear.  So tonight's ride can be considered extremely aggressive to the seasoned Spinner or cyclist, but allows for modifications for the newbie.  I also go through each of the core moves up to and including sprints so that they know what all there is to expect going forward.  I generally recommend that those new to cardio exercise NOT do the sprints, but to give them a taste of what  these are allow them to do one, but limit it to 10 seconds versus a full 30 seconds for the pro.

So what else is new at Spinning Freak?
Well if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm pretty sold on Cycling Fusion's Class Builder app for the  iPod, and since their latest release, I'm even more convinced.  So they've got a way to get the actual profiles imported and exported, so if you're interested in these (so you don't have to teach off of paper, or reenter all my cues) you'll be able to put these right into your iPod.  You'll still need to bring in each song but hey, that will take just a couple of minutes.  I'll explain this at the end of today's blog.

Today's is another INTERVAL.  I do these because they seem to be the most fun to the uninitiated.  You can download it here...INTERVAL 020

Click on the heart rate chart above to download a PDF of this ride profile.

Need a couple of the songs?

Now about the profiles:
If you haven't tried the Class Builder App from Cycling Fusion (available for iPod, iPhone & iPad) then it's time to invest because this thing rocks. Class Builder™ - Cycling Fusion

Once you get the app, go out and download the iExplorer.  This allows you to actually go into the files stored on your iPod like you're looking at a CD or flash drive.  Look under the Apps > Cycling Fusion > Documents directory and you'll see the classes you've created OR you can simply drop new ones in there like the one I've provided for today's ride.   Here's the profile for Class Builder IEZ 020

Note:  You'll still need to attach the music for each segment with the music from your library.

On all future posts simply look for the Class Builder icon to download the profile for the ride.

Spin Hard, but spin smart!

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