Monday, January 23, 2012

Is that smoke I smell or is that just your quads burning?

If you've been following me on Facebook you may have noticed that I took last Thursday off and that I had the flu.  What you might not know is that on Monday, I also resurrected an old injury from my martial arts fighting days, a popped hamstring.

Now when I had this injury in karate I actually heard the "pop" when my hammy decided it had had enough.  To be fair, the guy in front of my I was fighting heard it as well.  That injury took me out of commission for 2 weeks and from that point forward I wore compression shorts when doing karate.

So how did I injury myself this time?  Zumba!

Although I have two left feet I find Zumba to be a blast (once you get past being self conscience), and it's a pretty good ab workout, something I definitely want to work on more.  So I'm dredging the terrible and tricky path of recovery.  With hammy's it's particularly tricky because you need to make sure that you don't wait too long or you lose flexibility, but if you start too soon you risk additional injury.  That is one of the beauties of the Spinning program because the exercise itself is considered non-load bearing and low-impact (jarring of joints), while still making you sweat like it's nobody's business.

So I'll make double sure to warm up my muscles, stretch my glutes and hammy's, drinking lots of water before we do today's strength ride, and next week keep your eyes open as we start base building with endurance rides; I have somewhat unique position on endurance rides.

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