Thursday, January 26, 2012

On your marks...

Grab an extra water, maybe an extra towel, and get ready to SWEAT, and I mean buckets of it, cause I packed this one full of some of my favorite, get-your-heart-pumping, turn-up-the-volume music.  While there are certainly recovery opportunities during this profile, the work periods should push you and push you hard. 

Nearly every other song is some type of hill climb, so while you'll be working, you need to give your lungs a chance to recover and bring both your breathing and heart rate to lower levels.

By the time we hit Diamond Eyes by Shinedown you'll be relying on the last of your reserves to pull through the sprints.  Remember if your new to spinning, or coaching new participants, you shouldn't be doing sprints until you've got 6 good weeks of cardio base building.  We don't want to be practicing CPR during class time do we?

Side Note:  Since many of you know of the problems I've been having with my hamstring, which is healing quite well, thank you, I wanted to share a very informative and well written post I read yesterday.

The Function and Importance of the Posterior Chain

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