Thursday, January 5, 2012

I got ya break right here....break your will that is!

Tonight's ride is filled with Recovery periods, but to get the benefit out of the ride, you have to push yourself harder in between those recoveries.  Take advantage of the breaks and take some deep, controlled breaths to bring your heart rate down hopefully into the

Spinners, I'm introducing a new technique that cyclists use, so if you're not a outdoor rider pay attention.  Pace lining is the technique that road racers use to increase their speed.  You see the same affect when you see geese migrate, the lead cyclist (or goose) pushes harder, acting as a wind break for all behind them.  Then the next cyclist takes the lead and pushes hard, essentially pulling along the rest of his team, and so on.

In a Spinning class we can do this several ways, but my preferred method is to establish teams of riders.  In my studio that's easy because I have 3 rows of bikes.  I set up the front row for a hard 20second push, while the 2nd and 3rd row just get to go allow for the ride, then I allow the 1st row to lighten their intensity and have the 2nd row increase theirs, and so on to the next row. Get the idea.  Don't be worried if this is new and some of the riders don't get it the first time.  I also recommend that you as the coach get off the bike to coach this portion.  It will allow you to give better and clearer instruction.  Get out of your comfort zone and stop just instructing them on what to do, let's coach them.

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  • Mr. Saxobeat (Radio Edit) - Mr. Saxobeat (Radio Edit) - Single"Mr. Saxobeat", Alexandra Stan (Wild Summer 2012 [CD1])
  • Bad Romance (Skrillex Remix) - Bad Romance (The Remixes) - EP"Bad Romance (Radio)", Lady GaGa (Bad Romance)
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Side Note:  If you're using Cycling Fusion Class Builder app for your iPod Touch be sure to download the upgrade.  They have made cue point selection a ton easier and should cut down on your profile building time.  According to the creator of the app, this revision will save you as much as 25% in time.  I'll be doing a revision to my original review shortly.
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