Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Triples Anyone?

Strength is on the docket today; it's time we stay aerobic and build some muscle.  After all, building those big muscles in the lower half of your body will consume more energy even when they're at rest than fat.

Ladies, don't even think about going light and compensating the lighter resistance with higher speed; saying that you don't want to get big legs.  Trust me, you're not going to get big legs from doing this type of workout, but you most certainly will give better definition to those quads and glutes.

Lot's of opportunities for increases, but generally each increase is offset with a reduction in speed so that your heart rate doesn't increase over the 85% level.  We'll bring you straight out of a warm up, into a fast flat  to bring you to the bottom of the SEZ (Strength Energy Zone) of 75% and then we stay between 75% - 85% the rest of the time.  If you've got a heart rate monitor, try to keep between 80-85%, and adjust your resistance when needed to stay there.

Download a PDF of this profile...Strength 012

Notice how flat the strength profile is?  Once we're in that zone, we don't leave it until our cool down.

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