Monday, February 20, 2012

Fork in the Road: EEZ versus SEZ

We have arrived at the fork in the road.  We can do this the Easy Way or we can do this the Hard Way, but the choice is up to you.  It makes no difference to me whatsoever.

The Easy Way is to keep your heart rate between 75%-80% the entire time and make this a Fat-burning Endurance Energy Zone ride that will leave you sweating but yet feeling like you've got the energy to take on the world afterward.

The Hard Way is to give yourself one extra big crank on the resistance knob and stay between 80% - 85% for what will surely feel like an eternity during which you'll get to experience the pleasure of lactic acid pooling in your quads and calves, screaming at you to lighten the load.  But don't lose heart, that's what Strength rides are all about.
So each individual in your class can choose which way they want to tackle this.  How do they imagine the terrain to be.  This is my preferred method to coach an EEZ ride. After all don't we all say something like, "It's your ride." "You choose how much resistance to add."

Instructors stay away from EEZ rides because they're afraid that the participants won't get a work out, won't like it, won't come back.  But a coach will explain what the benefits of an EEZ ride is, and then allow the participant to chose that path they wish to follow.  This puts it on the participant for a successful outcome to the ride.  If you don't know what the benefits of the EEZ ride are I would strongly encourage you to take the "Spinning Energy Zones" continuing education course from Mad Dogg Athletics.  You need the Star points anyway to keep up your certification.

Download profile Endurance 005
Click on the Heart Rate Chart above to download this profile as an Adobe file

A couple of things about this profile as you look over it.  This is an Endurance ride so it's intended that you stay in the saddle as much as possible, but instead of trying to stay at the same cadence the entire time, feel free to increase the resistance slightly and slow down to provide you some variation.  If you were on a real road you experience grade changes and breezes as well, even in those big flat square states out west.

Encourage your students to stand when necessary to stretch their legs or to give their backsides a break; it's better than having them leave, never to return.

I have listed a secondary set of instruction cue points in brackets [ ] for those that have to do a strength ride instead of endurance.  Some are going to do it anyway, so you might as well coach them as well and don't take it personal.

And remember while your calorie burn will be slightly lower with an endurance ride versus strength ride, your percentage from fat reserves will be much higher, along with the aerobic benefits.  A large portion of our participants are there to get rid of fat anyway, might as well show them how to do it.

Keep it Spinning!

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