Thursday, February 2, 2012


Shorter than normal post today because I have a lot to do.  Why do I always do interval rides on busy days?  Maybe I have busy days on interval ride days?  I'll have to think about that.

Okay key here is to take advantage of any recovery after a high cardio move.  We may go straight from Jumps into a Hill climb, but that first segment of the hill should be low enough to allow your cardio level to drop.  Remember the key to interval is to cause your heart rate to oscillate from low to high levels in fairly short periods.

We're also finishing with a standard set of sprints.  Heart rates to spike into the 90 percentile so you have to recover between those efforts.

Sprints are done at <80rpm with heavy resistance.  Come up to hand position 3 to improve your cadence and break the big gear, and then drop to the saddle and try to maintain the effort for as long as possible up to 30 seconds.  Immediately lower the resistance after the effort.

See you in the studio!

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