Monday, March 26, 2012

Zombies and Princesses?

Didn't know what to call this particular ride, but was hoping the odd title might cause you to look.

Today we have another Strength ride to get those quads in shape for the beach.  Three hills today that should cause your quads to burn.  Take a cold shower afterward and get rid of the lactic acid so you don't hurt tomorrow.

Make sure to pay attention to the cadence cues so that you apply adequate resistance.  The key is to add resistance to match the cadence, don't just slow down.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recycle & Recover

Don't get the wrong idea about today's ride, this is NOT a RECOVERY ride.  This is most certainly an Interval, dare I say an EXTREME INTERVAL.

The Recycle portion is that I'm recycling some of my current favorite songs.

The Recovery portion is the 30 seconds that I generously give your before each next round of crazyness.

Push yourself...but know your limits!

Gotta have music!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's at the top?

Answer:  Who cares. 

You're going to the top to prove that you can do it.  You're going to add resistance during this strength ride not because me or some other instructor tells you to, but because you know how good you're going to feel having accomplished pushing harder than you've gone before.

We have another strength ride this week which covers almost the entire ride.  The last time I did this profile, and I asked one of my students what they thought of it she said (with a smile I might add), "I thought I was gonna puke."  That tells me that she had pushed her self to as hard as she wanted too and felt that she gave it her all.  That's all I ask of myself, and I try to encourage my members to do the same.

Ride tough!


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Monday, March 12, 2012

Welcome to Big Gear Mountain

Yeah, that was me.  I was out running, enjoying the unseasonably warm (67'F) day here in Ohio.  I'm training for a foot race, of sorts, and that means I have to get my running legs about me.

To be fair, the only foot races I've ever done were 5K and I do them just for fun or fund raising, not because I'm a serious contender.  So I'm working towards running in the Tough Mudder in October which is a 12 mile race so I had to up my game.

If you haven't heard of the Tough Mudder it's a crazy mud run which it's more about surviving than it is about finishing in a set time.  For me, it's like all the challenges of the television show, Survivor, packed into one incredible day, meaning I don't have to leave my kids for a month to have that sort of sadistic fun.

So I'm out there running, and being passed by cyclists at break-neck speed and even granny's that run a faster pace than me.  I hate running!  I guess that's the sadistic portion of my fun.

So today we Spin up another Interval session with lots of song requests from my participants, which should explain the variety from the 80's to today.  As far as Big Gear Mountain, you get a preview of it on Big Gear Hill and then after a brief break we climb Big Gear Mountain which is simply longer than the hill.  Enjoy the session!

Interval 027 - Big Gear Mountain

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