Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's at the top?

Answer:  Who cares. 

You're going to the top to prove that you can do it.  You're going to add resistance during this strength ride not because me or some other instructor tells you to, but because you know how good you're going to feel having accomplished pushing harder than you've gone before.

We have another strength ride this week which covers almost the entire ride.  The last time I did this profile, and I asked one of my students what they thought of it she said (with a smile I might add), "I thought I was gonna puke."  That tells me that she had pushed her self to as hard as she wanted too and felt that she gave it her all.  That's all I ask of myself, and I try to encourage my members to do the same.

Ride tough!


Download the entire profile for free here -->  Strength 015

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