Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cheapskate Interval

Since I have nearly as many followers from outside of the United States as I do inside, and sometimes things don't translate well...A cheapskate is a thrifty person, someone that doesn't want to waste or spend a lot of money.

Nearly every week I introduce new songs and I try to reuse some that were in previous rides, so that you're not constantly buying music.  Well this week, I'm reusing songs that have been all my recent rides, and not because I'm cheap, but because I really liked the flow of the songs.

This ride is chock full of intervals and jumps.  Be sure if you're coaching this to offer alternate suggestions to those not able to keep up and to keep those from being discouraged.

Ride on!

Download this INTERVAL 029 profile

Still need to get some of the tune?

Download the entire playlist here with PING



  1. How about the Class Builder File? :)

    1. NJSpin, Go to the download link above. I have added the file. I had stopped doing that because I didn't know anyone was using them, but they're easy enough to upload with the new way I'm storing files all in one place.

      Have fun!

  2. I thought I would try one more time to download your ride profile in Class Builder. I must be missing something... I have gone everywhere in the program to download it I just don't see it. I brought it up on safari and try to download it from there and it said safari cannot open file. Could you email me how to do this I am not seeing it.

    Thanks Michelle Panik// Owner PureFit & Wellness Club