Sunday, May 13, 2012

So you say you had a bunch of donuts this week at work?

Somebody came up to me after class this week and told me that he hated me because I had made him work so hard during class.  Then he admitted that a bunch of people had brought donuts to work this week and he had indulged, probably making his workout a bit tougher than usual.  Well, I say if you want to talk about donuts and Spinning, then you have to watch this:

Yes, I know he's leaning on the handlebars in hand position 3, but you have to admit that this fellow is really spinning up a storm.  

Now on to something a bit more serious.  This weeks ride is an Interval and it's a tribute to Adam Yauch (also known as "MCA" from the Beastie Boys) that passed away last Friday after a 3 year battle with cancer.

Enjoy the ride, make puddles of sweat, and don't overlook the warning signs of cancer.