Thursday, June 28, 2012

Once we get to the top we'll see...there's another top? Oh Crap!

You might not know it having looked at my most recent profile postings (a lot of interval sessions there), but Strength rides are my favorite.

Strength rides take more inspiration and creativity.  How do I create an atmosphere that motivates the participant to push to that 80-85% performance level and then stay there for the entire class.

Interval rides are much easier, I think because you can simply allow the music to run the show.  Throw in something your class likes and tell them to charge.  But Strength rides require more coaching.  You have to outline the objectives so that everyone knows why we're doing this, and then define each portion of the ride.  How many hills, is there wind, are we riding into the clouds.  Visualization is important because it distracts your mind from the agony that the lactic acid is trying to impose telling you your muscles have had enough of this nonsense.

Heart rate monitors are also much more critical because it gives you an indicator of how hard you're actually working.  During this ride there's a flat between the two mountains (Ke$ha, "We R Who We R").  It's important to still maintain enough resistance (aka, wind) so that your heart rate doesn't fall below 80%.  Remember the goal is to stay in the 80-85% range for the majority of the ride.

For the majority of your class that most likely won't have a heart rate monitor, it's still important to reference the HR parameters so that they can get a sense of why we train to them, but give them a reference point.  Their aerobic threshold is where they start to become short of breath.  They want to be just under that level of exertion.

Good Spinning!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Windy Interval

Someone tell me why the wind is never in my favor when I'm either riding or running?  Doesn't matter, it's not in your favor tonight either on this Interval session.  We have a lot of running, and a nice flat towards the end.  During this flat I add wind for 30sec periods, just add enough to cause you to push harder without getting out of the saddle or slowing down.  Will yourself to keep the pace.

NOTE:  I have identified a tech issue with the Class Builder profile that puts the cadence as 0 RPM on the print out sheet.  I have alerted the programmers to see if they can fix this, but in the meantime use your best judgement remembering:  
  • Flats : 80-110rpm
  • Climb : 60-80rpm
  • Running with Resistance :80-110rpm

Download the Class Builder app for your iPod or iPhone

 Class Builder™ - Cycling Fusion