Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Windy Interval

Someone tell me why the wind is never in my favor when I'm either riding or running?  Doesn't matter, it's not in your favor tonight either on this Interval session.  We have a lot of running, and a nice flat towards the end.  During this flat I add wind for 30sec periods, just add enough to cause you to push harder without getting out of the saddle or slowing down.  Will yourself to keep the pace.

NOTE:  I have identified a tech issue with the Class Builder profile that puts the cadence as 0 RPM on the print out sheet.  I have alerted the programmers to see if they can fix this, but in the meantime use your best judgement remembering:  
  • Flats : 80-110rpm
  • Climb : 60-80rpm
  • Running with Resistance :80-110rpm

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