Thursday, July 12, 2012

A world with different rules

Today I was walking around a manufacturing facility and I got the impression that            
 JK Rowling might have gotten her idea for Harry Potter - Hogwarts Castle's moving stairs from a place much like where I was.  I could see where I wanted to go, but with all the construction and detours and stairs up and down, I found it difficult to get where I wanted.

Which brings me to tonight's ride and where we are going...
No where! Come on it's a stationary bike, if it goes somewhere then you have a problem with the piece of equipment your on.  

That little detail aside, tonight's STRENGTH ride has a couple of components you will never see in the real world, but that's the point.  We can do some things just because we want to; and yes that's contrary to what some indoor cycling programs are pushing (that it always has to be real), but it's not.  We're in the gym to workout, if we had to have the real thing, you'd be outside on a real bike.  (If you do happen to do that, be sure to wear your helmet, I'm sure there's someone that cares for you and doesn't want to see you end up as a potato.)

So Jumps aren't real, ever see anyone do that on a bike (other than being silly)?
How about a Reverse Hill, the longer you climb, the easier it gets?

Have a great time. Work out. Burn the calories, and remember it's about your health and fitness, not just this is what it's like in the real world.  In the real world, I don't have a 1000watt stereo system playing Linkin Park either.

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