Thursday, August 30, 2012

Interval 660

Okay, you have not missed the last 616 interval ride profiles.  I called it Interval 660 because that's how many calories my Polar FT7 said I burned during this ride. Whew!  I know that I've been out of touch but that's what the summer has brought to me; a lot of different things taking priority over my blog.  I have a back log of several rides so I'll be posting them as time permits, but fear not, I'm still Spinning and loving it as much as ever.

I have however augmented my routine with a Core routine.  If you're a Certified Spinning Instructor and you have the opportunity to attend the Spinning & Core training in your area, I would encourage you to do so.  You need the continuing education credits to maintain your certification anyway, so this one was a great class because it offers something other than the normal "spinning" type classes.  As Mad Dogg now owns Body Blade and Peak Pilates, these other curriculum's are a natural progression.

Download INTERVAL #044 (a.k.a. Interval 660)

Modification: About half of my class was really pumped up at the end of this ride so we integrated an option for a single 30 second Sprint during the last working song, "Turn Up The Music".  Don't be afraid to offer something like because it still fits into the ride parameters.

So your gonna need some tunes.

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