Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting the funk out

Isn't it funny how words can have different meaning depending on the audience or maybe the meaning changes over time?  I've been known to say, "I'm stuck in a funk.", and that has nothing to do with the George Clinton, mid-1960's, soul-music jazz blend.


I attribute this change in meaning to the movie Ghostbusters when Bill Murray gets slimed by the ghost in the hotel and he says, "I feel so funky."  He's stuck on his back, unable to move by himself (because of the positron-pack) and while he's not injured, it's not a normal feeling. 

I don't know when it became a term for being stuck and not quite feeling right, but my Ghostbusters theory is probably as good as any of them.

Anyway, I have recently spoken with a couple of different instructors which all voiced similar concerns that they felt like they were in a rut and doing the same thing.  Maybe it's the same profile, always 2 hills, 1 sprint, etc... or that they sound repetitive in their cues with Add...Add...Add.  Maybe you're always doing Interval rides and never Strength or Endurance.  The point is that you "feel" this way.

One Master Instructor once said something to me that has stuck with me over the years and that was :

You'll get tired of your music before your audience will, because you'll play it in several classes.

So even if you play LMFAO in every class, and you teach 2-3/week.  Are your participants only taking your class?  Probably not, which means they're hearing a much broader range of music than you do.  And if they are only taking your class, then it's probably because they like your instruction, your cues, your music.  All this to say, take a deep breathe and relax, it will be okay, and your participants probably haven't even noticed (or rather enjoy) your in a rut  (that's good news.)

Think about it there are only 3 positions and 5 movements within Spinning, so how much variation are you going to have.  Reality is there isn't much variation to be had, but what can change, and should change is your ability to present yourself.

Here's some of the things I do when I feel like I'm stuck in a Spinning Funk:

  • Try another instructors class
    • This may serve as a refresher to you on some little thing you've been forgetting to do or tell your class, or maybe you'll learn some new cue techniques / combination of movement with music that you hadn't tried. Or maybe you'll realize you don't suck near as bad as the persons class you just attended.  The point is that there will be some take aways from this other class.
  • Try a totally different format
    • Maybe go to a Zumba, Kickboxing, or any other type of class.  Variety is the spice of life.
  • Visit a variety of Spinning oriented websites (but don't forget to keep coming back here) to see what other instructors are dealing with, what music they find hot, or how they teach a song or two.
  • Sub for a couple of classes just to get new faces and new input from your participants.

Remember, everyone gets stuck in a funk every once and awhile, it's how we address the situation that determines how low or how long we stay there.

~ Spinning Freak

Thursday, September 20, 2012

King of the Mountain

Just as you would expect, the air is crisp and cool as you ride in the shadow of a mountain that you conquered the day before.  You're in a pack of other cyclists each with the same goal in mind, not to survive, THRIVE! Be the first across the line today.

Your quads are warm, ready to put forth an effort that has never been seen before and at the beginning of this segment, this part of the race, you know that you're ready to take the lead.

Sprinting at the beginning allows you to pull a gap from the other riders, now you only have to deal with the best of the best, and you're there. As you come out of the shadow of yesterday's victory you're struck by the awe of today's challenge; today's testament to your training.

Time to make this mountain yours!


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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Decades Game Ride

Exercise should be fun!  When it's not, then it becomes a WORK-OUT.  Work...we all do enough of that, and soon you'll be Out the door finding something more fun to do

The members at my studio have recently asked me to do another decades ride.  I do these from time to time just so everyone has some music from when they were younger.

This time however I'm putting a small twist on it, and making it a game.  They get to keep their own score with the only prize being a puddle of sweat on the floor.

- 10 points if the get the right decade 
- 20 points if the get the actual year

Profile Interest Point:

During the song, "Never Lost" we have intervals up it by having a steep resistance, breaking through the big gear and gaining speed, and then sitting down and pedaling until you start to slow down too much (you decide how much is too much).  These are like mini-sprints, so recommend that once you're starting to feel fatigued, to drop the resistance a bit and just finish with a seated climb.

Download your music needs right here     
 And just for fun!

~ Spinning Freak

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pure Liquid Awesome!

How many times have you dragged yourself to the gym, not quite feeling up to working out.  I'm tired. I need the night off. I'll work twice as hard tomorrow.

But then you drag your sorry butt into the gym, or out on the trail and then it starts.

First you think, I'm not up to this tonight, so I'll go a little easy.  Your core starts to warm up.  Your heart starts to pump harder rushing blood to your extremities.  Then the first drip of sweat forms on your brow, dripping off your nose and you know that your just gonna have a kickin work out.

When your finished, you take that final drink from your water bottle and you look down at your shirt to see it's drenched.  You're drenched.  You heart rate has come down some, your breathing is returning to normal and you feel fantastic.  Why did you even think about punking out on your workout?  You know you always feel better having done it, than you would had you taken the night off.

That's not sweat soaking your clothes, it's Pure Liquid Awesome that you're covered in.

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