Sunday, September 16, 2012

Decades Game Ride

Exercise should be fun!  When it's not, then it becomes a WORK-OUT.  Work...we all do enough of that, and soon you'll be Out the door finding something more fun to do

The members at my studio have recently asked me to do another decades ride.  I do these from time to time just so everyone has some music from when they were younger.

This time however I'm putting a small twist on it, and making it a game.  They get to keep their own score with the only prize being a puddle of sweat on the floor.

- 10 points if the get the right decade 
- 20 points if the get the actual year

Profile Interest Point:

During the song, "Never Lost" we have intervals up it by having a steep resistance, breaking through the big gear and gaining speed, and then sitting down and pedaling until you start to slow down too much (you decide how much is too much).  These are like mini-sprints, so recommend that once you're starting to feel fatigued, to drop the resistance a bit and just finish with a seated climb.

Download your music needs right here     
 And just for fun!

~ Spinning Freak

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