Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pure Liquid Awesome!

How many times have you dragged yourself to the gym, not quite feeling up to working out.  I'm tired. I need the night off. I'll work twice as hard tomorrow.

But then you drag your sorry butt into the gym, or out on the trail and then it starts.

First you think, I'm not up to this tonight, so I'll go a little easy.  Your core starts to warm up.  Your heart starts to pump harder rushing blood to your extremities.  Then the first drip of sweat forms on your brow, dripping off your nose and you know that your just gonna have a kickin work out.

When your finished, you take that final drink from your water bottle and you look down at your shirt to see it's drenched.  You're drenched.  You heart rate has come down some, your breathing is returning to normal and you feel fantastic.  Why did you even think about punking out on your workout?  You know you always feel better having done it, than you would had you taken the night off.

That's not sweat soaking your clothes, it's Pure Liquid Awesome that you're covered in.

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