Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Really? 5 Mountains?... Really?

Ask yourself, why did you go to the gym today?  

Truth is that you could come up with a whole mess of reasons not to go to the gym, but you KNOW how good you feel AFTER.
Why wouldn't you go?

So go hard or go home, there are 5 mountains today ladies and gentlemen, and when you're not on a mountain, you're doing interval breakaways.

Mountain #5 is my favorite because it combines interval movements in and out of the saddle on a very steep hill.  To do this one properly, from a Standing Climb (SC) you crank the resistance until you hit 65-70RPM.  Stay there for 30 seconds and drop to a Seated Climb (C).  This should almost immediately drop you to 60RPM without having to touch the resistance.  Push through it!  Right about 30 seconds, with your heart rate climbing and your quads burning, you come back up to Standing Climb to recover.  Repeat that for the duration of the song.  There are multiple versions of the song T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) by Will.I.Am so be careful if you decide to use the extended club remix deluxe godzilla monster edition [I'm just being silly here, I don't know what all is available]

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In other news...
I ran the Tough Mudder in Kentuky last weekend, and let me tell you, this event lived up to it's namesake.

For those unfamiliar with the TM, it's one of those "mud runs" that you hear crazy people do just for fun.  The only thing is that the TM isn't just 5K it's some serious miles.  Mine consisted of 11miles with 26 obstacles, and that's if you didn't count the 2 toughest obstacles which weren't man made, the cold temperatures and the hilly terrain of Northern Kentucky. 

The Tough Mudder benefits the Wounded Warrior Project, so it's for a good cause.  And if you ever want to see what you're really made of, give one of these a go.  I ran it with 16 other team members, both old and new friends.  A necessary component to push you when you just want to quit, and we didn't lose anyone.  I'm already thinking ahead for my next one - Go Hard or Go Home!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A mountain of questions?

  • Why no new posts?
  • Are you okay?
  • Where have you gone?
  • Do aliens really exist?

Okay, no one has really asked me the last question, but the rest, yes.  So I took a much appreciated "business trip" in the company of my wife to Italy and Germany.  I call it a business trip because technically I had to work (4 hours) out of the 12 days I was gone.  But that being said, it was also the first vacation that my wife and I have taken by ourselves since we got married (17 years ago.)

But during our awesome adventure, I once again, got the opportunity to hike in the Alps in Southern Germany.  If you ever get the opportunity to do so, I strongly encourage you to do so because you can hike from town to town, carrying very little because you can stay in little hostels along the way.  I didn't get to do any of that type of hiking this time, but I will someday.

But since I was in the mountains, I had a mountain of questions in my inbox, and a mountain of political advertisements (along with other things) in my mail when I returned, I thought it only appropriate to do a strength ride.  So let's climb some mountains!

PhotobucketThis was the view from the peaks of one mountains I was hiking on.  Awesome right?

The snow peaked mountains in the far background put you in Austria, south of Munich, Germany.

Now for refresher about the ride profiles, the type of ride is defined by the heart rate response, so for this to be a strength ride (SEZ) then we need to push our heart rate into and maintain a pretty steady rate in the 75%-85% MHR.  I tend to push my clients (and myself) to the upper limit of the range, but feel free to lighten the resistance to stay at the lower level.  Also remember, that since it's the heart rate response that's important, we can lighten the resistance (not always climbing) IF we compensate with speed or other movements to maintain the heart rate.  This allows the participants to vary their ride, preventing saddle sores, and mitigating boredom.

This is the targeted heart rate response.
Notice no spikes above 85% MHR.

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