Sunday, November 4, 2012

I've heard of double vision, but double hearing?

Real simple this week.  This week my club changes formats a bit from a standard 45 minute class to a 55 minute class.  It's amazing how much more energy it takes for that extra 10 minutes, but hats off to everyone for making the change with me with gusto!

So that means all my playlists that I've relied on in a subbing pinch will need to be modified and have a couple of songs added.  This is doubly (is that a word?) an issue because I'm teaching more as we are currently short staffed, and I hate to play the same music twice in a week so as to not bore my clients.

So here's what we have, Interval ride 50 and 50A.  Same ride profile with 2 different playlists; only a few repeat songs.  I can do that pretty easy with this profile because my cuing is open ended for each song.  I put cues like C - SF - SC > :20 for the entire song.  Those that follow me know that this is essential all three positions each for 20 seconds, increase and then repeat.  This instruction works the same for any length of song.  The exception to this is during Sprints because they should coincide with the music movement to keep the enthusiasm high, so I didn't change the song for the sprints.

No matter what playlist you choose, this should be a fun, albeit exhausting ride.

Class Builder users:  Make sure that you upgrade to the latest version of the app, version 1.5.  This will allow you to drop entire new playlists into old profiles.  Huge time saver.

Sorry No Spotify this week.

Playlist Interval 50
Playlist Interval 50A

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