Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stage 7 Segment

I have to say that I do really missing using the Spinning icons, however the Class Builder app does make cueing a class so easy, so until Madd Dog Athletics comes up with a comparable app (I'm not holding my breath), I'll have to use my shorthand.  So in this profile I did a lot of interesting combinations that I haven't really done in the past so lets explain my madness a bit so you get an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish.

During Low - by Flo Rida...  

C - SF - SC :20> :15 :10> :05 

Drawn out in Spinning symbols it might look something like

Starting from a Seated Climb (C) for 20 seconds, then move to Standing Flat (SF) position for 20 seconds, then move to Standing Climb (SC) for 20 seconds.  Half way thru your time in the SC position you do a resistance load.  Repeat the sequence but this time for 15 seconds in each position without the resistance load. Repeat the sequence at a 10 second rate ending with a resistance load and then repeat a last time at a 5 second rate.  This sets you up for the next instruction... 

Jumps to Hand Position 3 (a.k.a.  Jumps on a Hill)

During Sweet Dreams - by Eurithmics

C - SF - SC>  :10 :15 :20
Similar instruction above, but now we increase every iteration and instead of getting shorter in each position we stay longer.  This again sets us up for the next instruction during the same song with is a Standing Climb.

During Teeth - by Lady Gaga

SC :30 - C :10 :15 :20 :30
Starting from a heavy resistance (Standing Climb) for 30 seconds, then drop to the saddle for 10 seconds.  Stand back up for another 30 seconds before dropping to the saddle for 15 seconds, repeating the entire sequence for both 20 and 30 seconds.  This is all part of threshold management, teaching the clients to go longer periods in the saddle controlling their breath to prevent going anaerobic. 

Hopefully this little explanation acts like a Rosetta Stone to how I cue my rides.  Develop your own style and adapt it to you and your clients.  What's important is that neither you or your clients become discouraged.

~ Spinning Freak

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