Sunday, November 25, 2012

Terrace Mountain

Today's strength (SEZ) doesn't have quite as many terraced steps as the picture, but hopefully it gets across the point of the profile.

We start at the bottom during warm up with a cool 65% MHR.  Every climb segment raises your heart rate by 5%.  Between each climb there's a duration where we maintain a constant heart rate from the previous exertion. Once you hit 85% MHR you're DONE!  If you hit 85% during climb 2, you stop adding.

This profile was not only a great strength ride, it really stressed to my clients the importance of heart rate monitoring so that they were in the right zone.  Only time will tell if they go out and buy one, but hey, it's the holiday season and maybe a miracle will happen.

Download Strength #26

Side Note:  If you're a Class Builder user and download my profile files you'll notice that I have one extra song in the ride which was Hang on Sloopy.  This was in here to appease the Buckeye fans on OSU vs Michigan week.

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  1. Hi. I really just want to take the time to thank you for all of your advice, knowledge, and creativity. Sincerely, a spinning freak from NJ