Friday, December 21, 2012

Take a breath and Decompress

What's the difference between 'Working Out' and 'Training'?
I'm sure the answer to this differs depending on how competitive you are and what particular form of exercise you prefer.  But for my take on it there are two differences, Objective and Path.

The Objective of working out may be to stay fit, burn calories, release stress, and a whole gambit of other things, while the Objective of training is to attain some level of fitness to perform a task, be it a race, a contest, etc...

The Path for working out is essentially whatever I feel like doing tonight.  Since the object if less specific so is the path.  But if you are truly training for something, you need to know the path that needs to be taken to attain the objective.  You certainly wouldn't just do sit-ups and push-ups with the objective of being able to run a marathon.  If you do this, email me and let me know how that works for you.

So here's my short (6 week Objective), getting a group ready for a Race Day ride.  At the big box gym that I've taught at for the last 4 years we've always been told to stay away from this format because it's too intense for the casual exerciser.  I would agree!  But now I've been asked to pick up a Friday evening class, and unless I miss read the people, I don't think the casual exerciser will be in the gym on a Friday night, when they would rather be at the movies, dinner, or any where else.  So here's my path (2 weeks Endurance, 2 weeks Strength, 1 week Interval, 1 week Race Day).  

Now obviously training only on Friday's is not going to get you ready for a race day ride, but I'm only 1 spoke in the wheel.  Outside of my class you need to continue with the base building so that you're ready.  

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