Thursday, February 14, 2013

RIPr™ 4: Mammoth Mountain

Quick blog entry today in preparation for the weekend.  Visiting some very dear friends and will be spending the weekend at their in Northern Ohio studio working out.

Did I mention it was a Zumba® studio?

Yeah, that's right I'm casting off my bike shoes, trading my spandex for some loose fitting pants to join the Zumba party.  They're also roping me in for a Piloxing session that encompasses Pilates type core workout with boxing moves.  I expect that I'm going to hurt next week.  Look out A-Team Fitness, Spinning Freak is coming your way.  Be gentle.

But I have one more Spinning® session to coach before I leave for the weekend, and it's the toughest RIPr yet.  Don't forget to take in the protein after your session; gotta put fuel back in the tank.

Don't worry you haven't missed RIPr™ #3, I haven't posted it yet.  It was just a Valentines Day playlist with the same profile.  I'll post it Sunday evening.

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