Saturday, February 9, 2013

RIPr™ (pronounced: rip-per)

We've all heard the horrific news that our metabolisms slow down about 10% per decade...Grrr!  But we also know that there are simple things we can do to rev up (on a temporary basis) our metabolism. 
  • A Southern Illinois University study has shown that people that engaged in a 15 minute resistance routine burned about 100 extra calories per day for 3 days afterward. This is in addition to whatever they burned during the actual workout.

    The extra calories are attributed to the process of repairing the "micro traumas" induced into the muscles during the resistance training session. So this resistance training gives you a 3 day boost so staggering a resistance workout every couple of days keeps you on this cycle.
  • Colorado State University studied cyclists using a protocol of 30-second sprints and 4-min recoveries for 5 intervals resulted in average an extra 200 calorie burn.  The conclusion of the study was that the 200 calories were attributed to the 2-1/2 minutes of sprint work and not the 20 minutes of low intensity recovery time between sprints.
  • Participants in a University of Utah study that consumed 24 grams of protein and 36 grams of carbs (in their protocol shake) after strength (a.k.a. - resistance) training lost about 4 pounds more fat and created 1-1/2 pounds more lean muscle in 6 months in contrast to their control group that didn't consume the shake.

Roll this information into what we already know about Spinning® Energy Zones and we come up with a IEZ profile that has a heavy strength component.  Instead of actual Resistance training on a bike (we'll leave that contraindicative lunacy to Soul Cycle), we substitute a really awesome SEZ profile.  We finish with a High Intensity Interval session to get the extra boost that was seen in the Colorado State University study, and then we wrap up the protocol with a snack combining the right proteins and carbs.  In essence the entire protocol serves to keep "resetting" your metabolism, assuming that you repeat at regular intervals (2-3 days).

So the RIPr™ is a protocol that combines:
  • Resistance
  • Intervals
  • Protein
  • resetting the metabolism
So here's Interval #58 which attempts to address the RIPr™ protocol.  I leave the snack portion to you, but in a bind try peanut butter and a banana.

Download straight from iTunes by clicking on the link:

Tangled - Maroon 5

Author Note:  
I'll be running this protocol on myself for the next 2 weeks to see what, if any improvements in weight or BMI are realized, and I'll report back here.  ~ Spinning Freak

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