Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shooting for the Stars

In the late fall 2012 I had the pleasure of attending two different Continuing Ed Workshops put on by Master Instructor Raquel Schmidt.  This workshop was significant to me for a couple of reasons.  The first being that it gave me the opportunity to directly interface with Raquel, the MI that took me through my initial certification process and that I've gotten to know better via Facebook; but even more important was that the workshop and it's subsequent CE points aligned with my goal.

As health & fitness coaches we all know the importance of having attainable goals whether it be a weight, a race, etc...  This is just as true for our professional lives (even if it's a part time gig like a Group X coach.)

During this workshop, I was surprised that several of the participants were there the day before to get recertified.  Recertified?  How did that happen?  Okay, I know that life gets in the way some times taking you in another direction, but those circumstances not withstanding why didn't you maintain your certification?

So here's my challenge to all Star 1 and/or new Instructors - 
Within 8 years attain Star 3 status
This is barely even a goal but let me help you plot it out (and no I am not a paid sponsor).  First, did you know that once you attain 40 Star Points you have LIFETIME certification.  That's certainly valuable.  

You need 14 star points every 2 years to maintain your certification, but star points require you to invest in your continuing education.  IF you were to not attain the 14 points then you lose your certification which requires you to pay the $200 recertification study.  However, if you simply keep your annual membership to Spinning active that costs you $100/year.  With each renewal you get a free Home Study course worth up to 5 points.  So simply math here, for the same amount you would have in the recertification study you could have 2 years of Spinning membership and 10 Star points.    So you're breaking even, but you're still short 4 points - so every other year you invest in a local workshop and you're there.  Follow this and you'll be Star 3 in under 8 years - and certified for life.

Whether you chose to spend the additional $70 for the two exams for Star 2 and Star 3 status is up to you, if it's important to you.

Now here's why it's important to me...Quality.  In a vacuum our coaching skills suffer and I believe is what has given rise to some less desirable indoor cycling programs such as Soul Cycle  and Underground Spin Club.  These programs are full of counterindicative movements and super high cadences.  These programs, while maybe trendy, are setting their participants up for potential injury.  

If you do decide to go for the Star 2 or Star 3 status here's a couple of tips:

For Star 2...Make sure one of your at home CE includes the Exercise Physiology Fundamentals program (5 Star points)

For Star 3...Make sure you either take the Spintensity workshop or the Periodization for Peak Performance at home study (5 points)

Alright, I'm done preaching for the day.  Here's this weeks profile/playlist

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