Friday, March 1, 2013

Making your mark

Yes, I have a Spinning® tattoo, but No this is not mine.  This was lifted from a Sidi cycling shoe ad.  It seems to go in cycles (pun intended) where all the discussion on the various indoor cycling sites where we discuss other programs and what's wrong with them.

This week I saw a medical news segment where they were discussing the potential for carpal tunnel syndrome resulting from Spinning®.  (Notice the use of the ®).

The only problem was the facility that they featured in this segment wasn't a Spinning® facility because it didn't have the licensed bikes.  What this tells me is that Spinning® despite the efforts of Mad Dogg Athletics is used more as a generic verb than as a Branded product.

To be fair, the segment could have been a Spinning® facility and had the same problems described where contraindicated movements or poor form could have existed.  Just because someone paid the $300+ to go to thru the certification class and then passed a test online doesn't mean they know what the heck they are doing.

So here's my assumption, IF you're still reading this then you are probably one of the good instructors, or dare I say coaches out there.  Not because you're reading my blog, but because you're reading content from a variety of sources and not just living in your own indoor cycling bubble.

So I challenge you to continue to read a variety of sources, discern what's good and bad, and then coach your classes to do things safely.  If you can't explain why you're doing something then it's either a dumb idea to do it, or you just haven't researched it enough.

By coaching your participants you're making a mark in their lives.  Make it a good one!

~ Spinning Freak

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