Thursday, March 21, 2013

"No way in Hill"

Spend any time browsing the indoor cycling and Spinning® forums on the internet and you'll see a lot of hoopla about "keeping it real."  Which is to say, if you wouldn't do it on a real bike don't do it on an indoor cycle class.

Okay, I can agree with that, at least on the surface, but one look at this picture and I tell you, there isn't any way in Hell I would do that (and I'm not afraid of heights.) LoL!

Now back to being serious, keeping it real is why I've integrated terminology such as pace line and pedal mashing into my vernacular.  Not everyone is going to go out an buy a bike, but if you spark an interest in a few, you may have given them a hobby that gets them off the couch, out of the gym, and into the world...and what an amazing place this big blue marble is.

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