Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Time to get your head examined...

"Time to get your head examined."
That what I sometimes think of myself when I pull together ride profiles.  I'm wondering if I can make it through the profile; let alone get my class participants to make it through it with me.

Lot's of hills in this one and it's up to the participants to be honest with themselves.  Are they really turning on the resistance?  Are they pushing to hard and leaving the strength energy zone (75-85% MHR).

What I like about this profile is that you as the participant or the coach have lots of opportunities to do modifications.  Long inclines like "Outta My Head" puts you in a seated climb where you vary the cadence constantly to simulate gusts of wind.  Pedal faster, slower, as long as you stay in the 60-80rpm and 75-85%MHR you're free to be you.

Pacelining on a hill forces you to closely monitor your resistance load so that you're not going to high and then you have just enough time to recover before the next exertion.  I know that I would never be able to have the rhythm or ability to actually do a good paceline, but when I run through the exercise in a class, I always envision I'm right there with 2 good buddies doing it.

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