Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fire and Ice (Spinning Profile and Playlist)

Sorry that I have been M.I.A. as of late, but you all know how life gets in the way, and with the kids finishing up school and the end of year of activities I've been doing a bit of slacking on my hobbies.

But the good thing is that I've had taken the opportunity to put a few miles on my new bike and I've gotten back into running.  Now to be fair, the running is just a means to an end.  I don't like running; it hurts and I'm embarrassingly slow.

The hurt is the result of a stupid game I was playing during a going away party that involved me doing a split and since I'm no longer 24 years old and heavily into the martial arts, of course I tore a glute muscle; which has been a literal pain in my butt for nearly 2-1/2 years.  And as for being slow, let's just say that my body was built for something other than running.

Having said that, I'm determined to improve so I went ahead and invested in some Vibram Fivefinger running shoes to see how those worked for me in getting ready for the Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder events.  I have to say I'm impressed,  I didn't have any joint or muscle aches while running.  I'll get back with you in about 2 weeks as my routine continues.

So on to the profile.  I was having so much fun pulling the songs and profile together I didn't know what song to drop to stay within my normal 55 minute class time, so this has the bonus of being a bit longer.  And I included a new song by Joe Satriani called "Ice 9" so I simply called this ride "Fire and Ice"

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend, and until next time....

~ Spinning Freak

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Movie Music Trivia (Spinning Profile and Playlist)

Every once and awhile I like to throw in a music trivia game usually referencing movies.  Here's the latest installment.

Even without the trivia, it turned out to be a pretty good Interval ride.


Night at the Museum
Back to the Future
Star Trek - Into Darkness
Ironman 3
House Bunny
Ironman 3
Step Up2: The Streets
The Avengers
Ocean's Eleven
Knights Tale
Step Up2: The Streets
Fast and Furious 6
Hot Tube Time Machine
Hangover 2

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Le Tour de' France 100 - Stage 18 (Spinning Profile and Playlist)

Straight off I'm going to admit it...I've never been to the Tour.  In fact I've never been to France.  But here's the neat thing about the Tour, it's extremely well documented, terrain profiles, about the villages you travel, pictures & video.  All this information gives us a really great source for pulling together a ride profile.  

I've done the gap profile in the past, but I've never formalized it into a Race Day ride.  Past RDEZ rides ended in a mad dash to the finish line, and in that regard RDEZ #3 is no different except for Stage 18 finishes on a mountain climb.

By now you've all seen the predicted heart rate response chart that accompany most of my ride profiles, but this time I have isolated just the race portion of the ride and then overlaid the terrain profile from Stage 18.  Remember that the entire race profile has a preface to it before the starting line.  During that preface make sure everyone understands the safety concerns of working at RDEZ levels, has water, knows the terminology you're going to use, and safe operation of the available equipment.

Download Race Day #3 - Stage 18 Tour de' France (2013)

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