Saturday, May 4, 2013

Le Tour de' France 100 - Stage 18 (Spinning Profile and Playlist)

Straight off I'm going to admit it...I've never been to the Tour.  In fact I've never been to France.  But here's the neat thing about the Tour, it's extremely well documented, terrain profiles, about the villages you travel, pictures & video.  All this information gives us a really great source for pulling together a ride profile.  

I've done the gap profile in the past, but I've never formalized it into a Race Day ride.  Past RDEZ rides ended in a mad dash to the finish line, and in that regard RDEZ #3 is no different except for Stage 18 finishes on a mountain climb.

By now you've all seen the predicted heart rate response chart that accompany most of my ride profiles, but this time I have isolated just the race portion of the ride and then overlaid the terrain profile from Stage 18.  Remember that the entire race profile has a preface to it before the starting line.  During that preface make sure everyone understands the safety concerns of working at RDEZ levels, has water, knows the terminology you're going to use, and safe operation of the available equipment.

Download Race Day #3 - Stage 18 Tour de' France (2013)

Now something totally silly.  

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