Thursday, August 8, 2013

Comfortable? (Spinning Technique)

Boy doesn't that pup look all comfy and cozy?

Is this how you feel coaching your Spinning® class  from your bike?

What about off the bike?
Maybe you're one of those instructors that never venture from the safety and security of your firmly clipped in biking shoes.

Maybe you're that instructor that when you do muster the courage to get out of the saddle you simply give a quick fist bump to each student, saying hello on the way, quickly retreating back to the protection of your handle bars, all while thinking, yeah I can/do teach off the bike.

If you follow me on Facebook then you most likely know that I recently broke my fibula forcing me to coach from the floor.

First...How I broke my leg.
Short answer..."A waterslide."  The long answer, I was running in one of those benefit mud runs, this one was benefiting Autism Speaks.  I was coming down a 200' waterslide down the side of a hill and when I hit the pool of water, my foot became entrapped and rolled with the momentum of my descent.  That translated into a torque, twisting my fibula until it fractured in the top 1/3rd. Ouch!  A second person came down right after me, duplicating my error and breaking his ankle.  The obstacle was immediately shutdown.  Now you know why you have to sign the, "You can't sue us under any circumstance" waiver to participate.

As soon as I realized that it was a break versus a simple sprain, I alerted my Group X coordinator that I was going to need a couple of days off.  She immediately signed me off for 4 weeks....
WHOA!  I just needed the time to get into a walking cast. I'll coach from the floor.

So I show up for class on Monday in my monster of a aircast, and everyone was thinking how's this going to go?

I'll admit that there were a few technical difficulties, but nothing that was insurmountable.  I also made my personal heart rate monitor available to a regular participate that hasn't invested in one (yet), heck I didn't need it.

One of the best observations I made had to do with form.  I had arrived early enough to watch the class ahead of mine and noticed multiple poor forms.  My class, with the exception of 2 new folks in the room had virtually perfect form because I'm always talking about it.  Since I was on the floor, eye level with them for the entire class I was able to clearly see the results of this coaching.

When class was over, I put it to them.  Would they prefer I find a sub for the remainder of my classes, or have me coach them from the floor.  The result was that many stated they would prefer my floor taught class as opposed to other instructors, and that they enjoyed it.

All this to say, strive for quality and don't be afraid to get out of your comfy zone and get eye to eye with your participants.