Saturday, October 5, 2013

Play Hard...Very Hard (Spinning Profile and Playlist)

I am absolutely fascinated by cyclists in a pace line; the precision, harmony, and teamwork.  That's why I like to put them in my profiles so much.  I also find that it's a more realistic interval movement than jumps.

Don't get me wrong, I still believe jumps are a legitimate movement for Spinning® simulating something from mountain biking, but also Spinning is not riding, it's group exercise.  I just like the flow of pace lines.

I do pace lines 2 different ways, the first is all in the saddle with 3 different resistances, albeit the resistance changes are not as dramatic.  This would be a pace line on a flat straight away with no gusts of wind.

The 2nd is more of an incline or maybe with wind.  Heavy resistance up to the far position on the bars, then take the edge off, and next to the drafting position. repeat.  If I want to make the heart rate climb, I make the interval time < 20 seconds.  My instruction shorthand for this would look a bit like this:

SC - SF - C :20
R - SF - F :20

So what's the difference between these two instructions?  The cadence.  If the pace line is meant to be done at  greater 80RPM then you Run with Resistance (R) and draft in a Flat (F); slower is a Standing Climb (SC) then draft with a seated Climb (C).
Lot's of opportunity to overload your system during the Sprints on a Hill (Xh) and then the Tabata at the end of the ride.  Caution your participants to know their limits.  I put these back to back for my Friday night class because it's full of regulars and I wanted to emphasize the procedure for a proper sprint so that they could integrate that into their Tabata Intervals.

Download INTERVAL 74