Tuesday, November 19, 2013

That Power (Spinning Profile and Playlist)

A true interval work out with short active recovery's to allow you to drop your heart rate right before getting you jacked up again.  

Lots of jumps so imagine that you traded your road bike in for a session of riding mogels on your mountain bike.

With the finishing touch being a full 1 minute break right before that final 4 minute Tabata session.

As always, remind your participants that Tabata sessions shouldn't be done on back to back days and they can substitute a (S)tanding (C)limb instead.

Final coaching/cuing tip.  I reference Switchbacks on Hill 3 - That's nothing more than if you were going up a long seated (C)limb and found a turn where the road came back on itself abruptly, you would increase resistance heavily, come up for a brief time while making the "turn" before the resistance would decrease again.
Doesn't it make you tired just looking at it?

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