Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The 100 HIIT Profile (Spinning Profile and Playlist)

Imagine that you're on your bike when a storm blows in suddenly and you see this monster.  First you're brain seems to short-circuit as you stare at it. You're unable to process the spectacle, the power, or the forces at work here.

Only seconds pass before your instincts take control, propelling you to MOVE.

The adrenaline surges through your system and you push your body beyond what you've done before, sustained it for longer than you thought you could.  You can feel your heart hammering in your chest, and the muscles in your legs burn as they propel you to safety.  How long can you maintain this level?

Truth be told the you'll soon be affects of the adrenaline and you'll have depleted your body of cretin, so now it's pure strength of will to maintain these levels beyond the 20 second mark.

So my 100 HIIT profile is building on intervals at lactic threshold and then a recovery interval each for 1 minute. We repeat this twice during the ride so we end up with a circuit of:

  • 5 positions
  • 10 intervals (5 high intensity intervals / 5 recovery) 
  • 2 times during the ride

5 x 10 x 2 = 100 HIIT

Each interval peak interval during the HIIT should be performed at the highest level possible while still remaining aerobic.  This also provides the population without a heart rate monitor a reference point, if they lose their breath they need to back down and regain control.

Also expect that the second time through the HIIT that heart rates will climb faster and/or recovery may not bring you down to the expected level.  If more time is needed for recovery do that instead of starting the next intensity level; once you achieve the recovery level it's okay to complete the interval with the remaining class.

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