Sunday, January 5, 2014

80's Flashback (Spinning Playlist & Profile)

I posted this video to my Facebook as a teaser to an all 80's ride I was doing for my class.  I remember the first time I saw a music video and thinking how awesome it was.  I lived far enough out in the sticks of rural Pennsylvania that we didn't have cable so I had to stay up until after the news to catch "Friday Night Videos."

Now a days I see most videos online, never stopping my cable box on MTV.  I do occasionally stop on VH1 to see a Where are they now show.  My kids may mock me for my "oldies" music, and laugh at our styles, but I'm laughing inside as I see the trends come back.
The only difference is that they aren't buying AquaNet by the case to make what my wife and I call Wall Hair.

Normally I show the heart rate chart of my profiles, but instead I thought I would show you a picture of what it looks like on your iPod/iPhone when you're coaching with the Class Builder™ app, since I find it such a powerful tool.  I never have to mess with paper notes, my instructions are displayed right in front of me, along with several timers so I can improve my cues.  Additionally I bought (from ebay for about $11) an adapter cable that allows me to display my profile on a big screen television in my Spinning studio.  The participants have commented how helpful it is to see the heart rate profile as we proceed thru the ride, giving them a heads up about breaks and hill intensities.


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