Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chemistry can Blurr the lines (Spinning Playlist & Profile)

They say that admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

Admit it. You're afraid of teaching an Endurance Energy Zone profile.  You're afraid that you're normal participants will abandon you for that other instructor that plays all Top 40's; what was her name?  Yeah, Suzy Psychospin, that's her name.

Alright so now that you've admitted that let's get on with life.  Will some dislike you're ride?  But you're there to help with people's health goals, and EEZ certainly plays into that.

Second, I don't think you can instruct an endurance ride.  That takes just a bit more ability, I think you need to "coach" the EEZ profile.  An instructor gets up in front of the class and starts telling people what to do for this song, and the next song, and so on.  A coach explains why you're doing something; explains this is part of a "training program", not just a work out.

I'll explore this more (coaching) over the next few weeks as I have a lot of EEZ (Foundation Building) rides on the docket for the month of January, but for now let's refresh your memory about what EEZ is.  Many of you may not have seen this stuff since your Star 1 Certification Test.

No where on the Spinning® training tips did is say that you have to plant your butt firmly in the saddle and listen to boring music and pedal until all the blood leaves your head, making your brain numb.

"...butt firmly in the saddle...listen to boring music..."
You do have to spin at a fairly constant cadence, relatively low heart rate, and a moderate resistance.  You are not required to stay in the saddle.  In fact, cyclists get out of the saddle frequently when climbing or just to stretch out and get out of that seated position.
What's key here is adjust the resistance and cadence so that you don't venture out of the EEZ heart rate parameters.  I always use the extended heart rate parameters of 65-80% MHR; giving you just a little extra wiggle room for jogging out of the saddle, because this is when your heart rate will climb the quickest.

Now about this profile.  I had the opportunity to teach both an Interval ride and an Endurance ride on the same day.  I was extremely happy to share my results with my EEZ riders; here's the results of the two rides:

Interval Ride (profile)
     Duration                           56 minutes
     Max Heart Rate                93%
     Average Heart Rate          81%
     Calories                            635

Endurance Ride (profile below)
     Duration                          52 minutes
     Max Heart Rate               81%
     Average Heart Rate         76%
     Calories                           600

So I essentially burned the same calories (even if not accurate, it should be repeatable) based upon my Polar FT7 Heart rate monitor; without feeling as spent and science tells us that the percent of calories burned from FAT will be higher during the EEZ ride than during the IEZ ride (it takes O2 to turn fat stores into energy, aka aerobic).


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