Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Foundation Building (Spinning Profile and Playlist)

There are some absolutely amazing architects out there designing fabulous structures all of the world.  With each new building material, they seem to come up with new ways to stretch their imagination making wilder and crazier feats of engineering.

But the one thing all of these structures have in come, even with the designs of ancient pyramid builders is that they all have to have a strong foundation to build upon.  Without that foundation they run the risk of their building collapsing.

The same is true when it comes to building a strong fitness foundation.  Yes it's fun to hold a Race Day (I just did one), and Tabata's and Sprints make you feel bad ass when you're dripping in sweat, but if all you do is these HIIT type of activities, you run the risk of over training, you don't gain the  advantages of expanding
your aerobic base, allowing you to work for longer periods of time and here's the one that sucks.  You may be undermining your goals or the goals of the participants in your class.

So with the new year, I'm introducing a modified periodization structure to my classes, where I will be alternating between Endurance (EEZ) and Strength (SEZ) rides; although I won't be calling them Endurance rides.  Especially this time of year we have all the New Year Resolutioners (NYR's) coming to the gym, what better time to introduce building a foundation.  Most of the NYR's are coming to the gym to lose weight, and Endurance rides are great for this, but most people think only of calories.  But where are those calories are coming from are important.  If you want to lose fat, you need to stay aerobic so that you're burning fat.

We are all told during Spinning® certification class that we should do more EEZ rides and less IEZ, but inevitably most instructors do the exact opposite.  IEZ's are easy.  You can let your heart rate go where-ever. You don't have to worry about boring your audience.  But if the only reason you're there is to entertain your class then you should have considered stand-up comedy or some other performance art.

So here's the thing I want you to remember as we promote more EEZ rides, hence forth known as Foundation Building is that it's not about sitting your ass in the saddle and just pedaling.  It's about maintaining an aerobic level between 75-80% of your MHR.  It doesn't matter if you're doing a standing climb as long as you can do it while staying at the right levels; so feel free to move a bit.

Reference Articles:

Now here's just one that's fun to watch.  Watch the heavy guy school the Zumba Instructor.

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