Sunday, February 9, 2014

Countdown Sprints (Spinning Profile and Playlist)

Not strictly speaking a true sprint in Mad Dogg's Spinning® terms where it's an all out effort with resistance, Countdown Sprints are a series of 5 High Intensity Intervals (HIIT).

The objective of these efforts is to bring your intensity just below A.T. (anaerobic threshold) and sustain it.  Those with heart rate monitors will certainly have the advantage here, especially if they know at what heart rate they start to lose their breath.

So for each effort you want to push yourself and then pace yourself for the duration of the effort.  Each effort is offset with an equal recovery period and then repeated for a shorter duration.

The first effort is for 60 seconds, then followed by efforts for 50, 40, 30 and finally 20 seconds.  Ideally you should recover well below your threshold before the next effort so if you find yourself without recovering before the next effort, you should delay your start.  This obviously is easier for those who have been doing their aerobic base building.

At the end of the ride I concluded with a Tabata protocol interval.  I'll caution you that I tried a new song here which was a remix of Timber.  The "coach" that provides the count during this version is not delivered as well as in other versions, so if you choose to use this make sure you familiarize yourself with the song and the timings.


Here's what I used as a cool down song this week.

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