Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus: Valentines Day Ride 2014 (Spinning Profile & Playlist)

So I've seen a lot of creative ideas for playlist mixes for this Valentines Day on the various forums.  Some are all lovey-dovey, hugs & kisses.  I've seen some obviously jaded lists, and one that I've liked the most so far I saw in a Facebook group called Former Cycling Pingers by Hollie Porter.  She had taken all the stages of a relationship from the "Crush" stage to "All Out of Love".  She even went on to say that they were going to be physically and emotionally spent.

Okay I live in a house full of ladies ( I have 3 daughters (9, 14, & 17) and I still don't get the emotionally spent, but I also never understood my wife crying at every episode of Private Practice.

My idea was a quite a bit less sophisticated (I'll chalk that up to having a Y chromosome)  and came from a discussion this week in the gym.  I asked the ladies in my class for any ideas on what I should get my wife of 18 years for Valentines Day.  I went on to say that women are difficult to buy for on this particular holiday and that men were simple.  To which they agreed that men were pretty single minded on the subject.

With that in mind, here's my
Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus 
Valentines Day Profile


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