Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Storm (Spinning Profile & Playlist)

I thought this picture was a pretty good single representation of this ride profile. There are long flat roads where we pace line broken up by explosive bursts of energy where we sprint, climb and push ourselves above our anaerobic threshold.

So I want to share with you what I've been working on, aside from this profile in case you didn't see it on my Facebook page.  I wanted to come up with my own logo so I could put it on a cycling jersey for my upcoming triathlon.  Yeah it's silly, but it's just part of my on going mid-life crisis.

Do you see the SF for Spinning Freak?

Okay enough of that foolishness and on to the profile.  I'm doing the In's & Out's Sprints again.  Not truly a MDA Spinning® sprint, because it won't be loaded as such (or you'll never make it).  10 second intervals back in forth between the saddle and hand position 3, out on the end of the handle bars.

I also integrated an entire song where we spend some time establishing resistance loading just after the initial warm up.  This is so that for the rest of the ride participants don't ride with too little resistance.  I hope you enjoy the profile.

Playlist notes:  You'll need to get "Flashing for the Money" from an alternate source and you'll have to trim off the end of  "Skip to the Good Bit" because there's some nonsense at the end.


One final note, I'm really DONE with this winter.  I'm itchin to get out and ride.  I've been following other cyclists blogs just so I can live vicariously through them.  I just ordered a new bike seat and want to get my bike tuned, but didn't want to get it tuned just to let it sit for another 2 months.  

Snow, Go North already!  Until then, I Spin!
~ SF

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