Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sprint Confusion (Spinning Profile & Playlist)

So I concluded this week of nothing but interval profiles for my participants with a ride that included 3 different sprint-type efforts.  It just seemed like a great way to top off the week. 

I hope you enjoy!

Song 5 - Trouble - Neon Jungle
Two different sprint-type efforts during this song
In's & Out's: Heavy Resistance.  For 1 minute you alternate between Running out of the saddle (either handle position 2 or 3, I leave this to the participant to decide what they are comfortable with), and a seated sprint.  10 seconds each position repeated 6 times to fill the minute.
Sprint on a Hill:  Heavy Resistance for up to 30 seconds.  Rpm 60-80.  Load resistance, come out of the saddle to "break the big gear" and then sit down and maintain for as long as possible.  When you fall below 60 rpm you're done.

Song 14 - Metal Tabata
This is a standard Tabata format 20 seconds of everything you can do with 10 second recovery's repeated 8 times.  Remember this is meant to be an all out effort so make sure everyone is comfortable with how to emergency brake the bike if necessary and caution them to know their limits.  Minimum 85rpm.


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